CloudRent fast rental software for iPad & iPhone

creates quotes in under 30 secs. Integrates with Google Calendars, SMS and Xero. Don't pay monthly subscription for cloud access

Fast and sexy Rental software for iPad, iPhone & Desktop

CloudRent V1.0

Simple to use, extremely fast & accessible on Smartphone, Tablet, Internet & Desktop on Windows or MAC...


CloudRent is simply powerful software for managing Rental Companies "Day to day" and works seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

CloudRent is the culmination of 10 years experience in developing software for the Hire & Rental industry globally. This "brand new" software is built on the latest technologies available today and accessible on iPad, iPhone, Android, Web and desktop on Windows and MAC.

"Our primary goal was to make this software super fast so users of the software could get their job done quickly and easily."

The video to the right demonstrates creating a quote and getting it into an email within 30 seconds...

Screenshot RentalEzy

CloudRent V1.0 Screentour

Click the iPad/iPhone graphic to view screenshots of the software. 

Additional Features..

Club EzySoft lifetime software

Why pay monthly fees for rental software?

Most cloud rental software providers charge around $50 per user per month and add extra charges for additional add-ons, which can see the price escalating over time. 

$15,000 p/a versus Flat fee

$250 for 5 users per month ($3,000 per annum) looks cheap and after 5 years your software has cost $15,000.... With CloudRent you purchase a "One off" Licence...

RentalEzy Server

CloudRent is built on Microsoft Azure the world's largest cloud service..

Centralize your information on your Server and safely access data using proven encryption standards. Manage individual user privileges limiting access to critical data.

Club Ezysoft Rental Software

Imagine sitting in your client's office creating a quote or contract on your iPad...

Mobility has been our total focus and to build software that's simple to use, extremely fast & accessible on Smartphone, Tablet, Internet & Desktop on Windows or MAC...

Full mobility anywhere, anytime...