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The software is a completely NEW application built from the ground up and is fast, efficient, intuitive, flexible & so easy to use – truly saves you time & money.
Accessible on iPad, iPhone, Android, the web, MAC and Windows desktop (App) so you can manage your business on the go, anywhere, any time 24/7. Create quotes or contracts in the field, Delivery drivers can get signatures, scan items in and out with their phones and much more...
Connects to Any 3rd party Apps such as QuickBooks, Xero, Mailchimp, Google Calendars, Wordpress, Wix, GPS Tracking etc. It's limitless. Just ask...
Deposits, returns, delivery, loss, breakages, maintenance, sub rentals, inventory availability, long term hire, reocurring billing, testing and tagging electrical equipment... Fast and easy!
You choose... Monthly subscription fees or a ONCE OFF license fee? Rent or Buy + Full control of your data, stored in your office with backup to the cloud.

This software is built by the Rental Industry

We have a proven track record in Hire & Rental software development with over 600 licenses sold worldwide into 25+ countries. We know how to build an application you will love.

CloudRent is the culmination of this experience and is a completely NEW application built from the ground up utilising the latest technologies including SQL, JavaScript & JSON.

This equates to a lightning fast, easy to use rental booking system that can integrate to many 3rd party services such as Google Calendars, Xero, QuickBooks, Wordpress, Wix and many other web services and is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Staff & Contractors

Your staff and contractors are essential to your service delivery. CloudRent provides the tools to improve the management of your most valuable asset – people.

Got a new job and want to confirm the availability of a contractor?

Click the SMS button and a message will be sent straight to the client and contractors phone with the job details and dates. They can then reply to confirm acceptance.

Sub Rentals

Managing sub rental and over booking of inventory is a serious issue and one of the biggest problems for Hire & Rental businesses globally. 

CloudRent solves this problem by embedding a workflow process based around indicators, statuses, Purchase Order creation and tracking. this eliminates errors, delivering a simpler and easier to manage business where over booking is a thing of the past!

In the video below we show you how you can easily test and tag any electrical equipment that has expired and requires testing.  Test and tagging electrical components for Hire & Rental businesses is a tedious and a time consuming process. Not anymore! CloudRent is super fast and so easy to use... Giving back time! This is just ONE area that we solve a problem.

Our primary goal was to make this software super fast so users of the software could get their job done quickly and easily! - Senior Developer

Here are some Feature Examples

CloudRent - SMS


Send delivery reminders, booking confirmations, overdue account reminders, overdue items etc. to anyone's mobile phone. Delivery drivers, contractors, clients, staff etc. 

CloudRent - Deposit System


Pre define your deposit parameters in administration and with jobs requiring a deposit, the calculations are done for you. Just hit the Deposit payment button and take the money!

CloudRent - Longterm rental


Long term rental is a breeze in CloudRent. Areas such as partial returns, pro rata billing, inventory additions, re occurring billing, service calls are easily managed in the software.

CloudRent - Off Hire


CloudRent seamlessly manages loss, damages, off hires, dispatch and returns. This software is suitable for any type or Hire & Rental business including the Temporary Fencing and Scaffolding industry.

Click the graphic above to see CloudRents rich features which make running a rental business effortless and easy.
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“I have used the RentalEzy software for the last 8 years and have found it very reliable and easy to use. We really like the new software!”


“Really love the software and were one of the first customers and ClubEzysoft members. I have been using the software since 2003 and the guys have always been accessible and any issues encountered were minimised through prompt attention & support.


“Guys I would personally like to thank you for not only the outstanding product you have provided us with, but also the outstanding service and support you have given to us in the production and roll out phase of the RentalEzy Software”


“Guys I would personally like to thank you for not only the outstanding product you have provided us with, but also the outstanding service and support you have given to us in the production and roll out phase of the RentalEzy Software”


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